Science and Technology Park

Science and Technology Park

Planning, managing and guiding the commercialization affairs of innovation and technology achievements;

Promoting technological entrepreneurship and improving the knowledge enterprise space and guiding the capitals of the country for production of goods and knowledge enterprise services;

Developing short-term, medium-term and long-term plans for developing technology and innovation quantitatively and qualitatively; examining and supervising the functions and operation of units;

Increasing the university’s partnership level in production and publication of technology and innovation via organizing and guiding pertinent activities;

Supporting researchers/innovators of the university inside and outside the country for developing technology and production of knowledge-based wealth;

Guiding, supporting and supervising the commercialization of research results;

Guiding, supporting and supervising the running and operation of technology and business incubators in university branches;

Organizing, establishing, guiding and supervising the establishment of knowledge enterprises in university branches;

Establishing a knowledge network with partnership of industrial, public and commercial entities, attracting and transforming ideas, inventions and innovations to production and stable jobs.