Vision and assessment

The management of the Business incubators, Startups and Startup accelerators.

Introducing the Taha Business incubators:

Innovative organizations that are beginning to develop technology are generally small institutions, but also play a role in technology production and entrepreneurship creation. On the one hand, The heavy pressure of set-up costs that are not compatible with their finances, and the lack of experience to eliminate the initial barriers on the other hand, put their efforts in a hollow of ambiguity and hesitation. These units, which have to start their high risk business, do not have the confidence to achieve success. The high risk and lack of success guarantee is so serious that many potential and prospective forces, including many university graduates, are reluctant to set up a private technology unit.

Creation of growth centers or Business incubators are aimed at reducing barriers in the early stages of start-ups. These centers will play an effective role in supporting and providing initial services, and will eventually increase the success rate of these units.

Taha Technology Development Center was officially launched this November in order to play such a role.

The missions of The Business incubators in line with the Aletaha Higher Education Institution:

  • Effective use of the results of research on new technologies by supporting the completion of the research cycle to production
  • Supporting and providing scientific, technical, financial and executive facilities to inventors and innovators.
  • Support and encouragement of the private sector in the pursuit of technology-driven activities
  • Create supportive mechanisms through establishing Organizations

Center’s goals:

  • Establishing a platform for commercializing achievements in line with the objectives of the Center
  • Creating an environment for entrepreneurship, supporting the innovation and creativity of young researchers
  • Helping to boost the local economy based on technology
  • Creating the environment necessary for the expansion and growth of small and medium-sized science and technology-based units in the field of technology
  • Laying the Groundwork to create job opportunities for entrepreneurs and university graduates in the field of technology
  • Production and development of products and technology processes available to the market

Features available

  • Financial and credit support
  • Office and workshop environment
  • Deployed laboratories
  • Scientific advisory and supervision of faculty members and experienced experts
  • IT Services
  • Introduction in order to attend training courses and specialized exhibitions
  • Introduction to the use of market technology and law to maximize the use of technical and engineering capability
  • Introduction to use of credit facilities
  • Support in order to obtain approval from the organization after the idea is centralized

The Taha Business incubator Office is located at the below ground floor and welcomes students and owners of ideas to discuss the center’s services and ideas