Research priorities areas

Entrepreneurship Management

Promoting the recognition of the academic community, and in particular students in the field of graduation to entrepreneurship

Promoting the spirit and culture of entrepreneurship and efforts in the academic community

Encourage and attract the academic community to entrepreneurship training courses

Expansion of detailed research on entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurship environment and space, and other related fields in accordance with the requirements and conditions of Iran.

Informing the academic community about entrepreneurs and their role in economic prosperity and creating employment and prosperity

Recognizing and educating entrepreneur students

Knowledge transfer and research achievements related to entrepreneurship from abroad to the country

Laying the Groundwork and Establishing financial, informational support as well as the necessary counselling in order to set up entrepreneurship activities for students.

Provide entrepreneurship training in the form of seminars, workshops, elective courses and entrepreneurship.

Planning, development and provision of content, tools and educational facilities for entrepreneurship in the university

Entrepreneurship Management

Dr. Reza Rahnama