Awards and grants

Counseling and Health Center

Improving the mental health of the academic community is one of the most worthwhile social Values.In this Regard and for providing mental health and counselling services,University Counselling Center strives to provide high quality services to students in order to help them to maintain their mental health. Aletaha University Counseling Center is affiliated with the Cultural and Student Affairs Department. The Center is committed to serving students and staff at Aletaha University, in a spirit of educational, preventive, research goals, in collaboration with psychologists, counselors as a source of support, in compliance with the principle of privacy, in a free and reliable environment.

The University’s Counseling Center provides services in the following areas:

  1. Conducting counseling services in the field of individual counseling, family, marriage, education, religious, legal and academic education for all students at all levels of educationy

Psychology counselors


Dr. Ravai
Dr. Nazemi
Doctor farahini
Dr. Jafari

Faculty of Humanities consultants


Dr. Fazilat
Dr. Moghaddam
Dr. Rahmati
Dr. Nikkhah
Dr. Shir ali pour
Dr. Nikoo goftar

Dr. Mirrahimi
Dr. Al Husseini
Dr. Didgah
Dr. Tasdighi

Faculty of Engineering consultants


Dr. Mohammad Akbarian
Dr. tofiqi
Dr. Mofidi
Dr. Khosravi
Dr. pirozmand
Dr. Varei

Faculty of Basic Sciences consultants


Dr. Akbarian
Dr. Mohebbi

Sports and health Advisory

Mrs. Dr. Manny

2.Helping Students in order to understand their abilities and their Problems so they can make informed, wise decisions .

3.Identify and intervene in crisis to maintain mental health among students and provide services

4.Helping the Students in the development and the growth of their personality and their social and psychological skills . And also assisting them to gain decision-making power and Increasing the level of compromise with the environment.

5.Provide counseling services to students of the Special Commission, after sending a letter to the Office of the Special Commission and introducing students for counseling and examination of cases

6.Registration of university members at the marriage center and the implementation of the matching plan and providing related services.

7.Group counseling, holding free-thinking seats by a center counselor to exchange views on the interests, concerns, issues and problems that individuals have in their relationship with others or with themselves and make a reasonable decision on the issues listed.

8.Monitoring mental health of new entry students and completing a health notebook.

9.Mental health assistants Club

10.Red Crescent Center

11.Psychometric tests

12.Activities in the center of the Mahyar in Voluntarily counseling and training

13.Providing training courses and lecture sessions and film critics workshops