Knowledge Enterprise

Planning, managing and directing commercialization of technology and innovation achievements;

Promoting technological entrepreneurship and improving the business environment of Knowledge enterprise and directing the country’s capital to produce Knowledge enterprise-based goods and services;

Development of short, medium and long term programs for the quantitative and qualitative development of technology and innovation; Surveying and monitoring of the operation of units;

Raising the level of university participation in the production and dissemination of technology and innovation by organizing and directing related activities;

Supporting the academic scholars / innovators inside and outside the country to develop technology and generate Knowledge enterprise wealth;

Conduct, support and monitor the commercialization of research results;

Conducting, supporting and monitoring the establishment and operation of centers for growth and technology in academic units;

Organize, form, direct and supervise the formation of Knowledge enterprises in academic units;

Creating a knowledge network with the participation of business, public and industrial institutions, attracting and transforming ideas, initiatives and innovations into productive and sustainable businesses.