Master’s programs

Education Management

The educational management of the university is one of the subsets of the university’s deputy educational directorate, which has doubled the importance of supervising the proper implementation of regulations, manuals and training styles, the continuous review of educational services processes and the optimal use of the set of providers of educational services. The efforts of this management and all colleagues involved in the process of entering and leaving students and graduates from the beginning of enrollment, while studying and after studying, indicate that all affairs are done with double precision and sensitivity. It is hoped that the efforts of colleagues in the large family of the Tarbiat Modares University ,Including Faculty members, students and staff of the university will lead to a further increase in the scientific level, the development and strengthening of the production of science and the increase of the share of scientific productions and the realization of Islamic culture and education, the strengthening of ethical virtues and values of revolution Islam in our beloved country.

In order to develop the University, quantitative and qualitative, in the field of science and compiling its comprehensive training plan,as well as to implement the policies of the higher education sector of the fourth and fifth programs of economic, social and cultural development of the Islamic Republic of Iran, As well as the educational innovation and reform of the university as well as the institutionalization of the curriculum system.

Part of the description of the duties of the commission is as follows:

  1. Reviewing the proposals of colleges in educational planning
  2. Synchronization of educational planning issues at different faculties (course titles, definitions, type of lessons, etc.)
  3. Synchronization and inter-college interactions in interdisciplinary fields
  4. Reviewing the proposals to create colleges, disciplines and new fields of Study from colleges
  5. Review the suggested syllabus of the faculties and, if necessary, amend it and propose it to the relevant
  6. Reviewing the necessity of establishment, removal or integration of the course, in accordance with the needs of the country and the academic ability of the groups and facilities of the university