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University’s Perspective

Aletaha University has considered the foundation of wisdom in addition to teaching, research and communication with the industry and the rational development of its students, and also sees the development of religious forces with their religious beliefs as their duties, and hopes that In the shadow of divine glory, it can be a superior university adhering to Islamic and revolutionary values ​​in the field of academic sciences serving the Islamic world. In order to realize its vision on the horizon, and promote the institution and expand its fields of activity, the Institute plans to include the development of graduate education, the establishment of knowledge Enterprises, the establishment of Science and Technology Park, and the provision of a platform for cooperation with top universities abroad, creating cultural and promotional centers, and setting up and expanding research institutes on the agenda.

According to the prospect, the institute buys a plot of land with an area of ​​5717.8 square meters located in Tehran’s 22nd district and the necessary steps are being taken to make it happen.

The construction of the institute will be transferred to District 22 after completion of the construction process, which, given its area, is a good place for the development and prospects of the Institute. Technology parks, growth centers, knowledge enterprises, research institutes and affiliated cultural-sports complexes will also be utilized and professors, students and staff can work in an environment full of religious vitality and divine motivation.