The extension of scientific Interactions between Ale_Taha education institute and FHM university in Germany

The extension of scientific Interactions between Ale_Taha education institute and FHM university in Germany

The extension of scientific Interactions between Ale- Taha education institute and FHM university in Germany
According to the public relation report of Ale- Taha university, with intention of extending the International scientific cooperation and educational opportunities for students and university staff, they proceed to sign a memorandum of understanding with Mitelstands Fachhochschule University.

Due to the requirement of scientific part of society in making communication with scientific and educational international world,the extension and performance of scientific information between internal universities and scientific centers outside the country from 1990s it has been on the agenda of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology .

Also the Ale- Taha education institute has done a lot of work in the path of development of these communications .And by the international scientific cooperation’s office has been asked for an agreement for cooperation with FHM university in Germany.

This contract caused expansion of scientific and educational communication and made some facilities in the path of increasing the scientific information and updating the knowledge of Faculty members and students.In conclusion it caused the upgrade of scientific-teaching level in Ale- Taha university.

According to this report, in a meeting with the presence of professor Reza Akbarian , the principle of Ale- Taha university , doctor Fatemeh Akbarian , Deputy of research and technology , doctor Mehdi Mofidi , teaching assistant , doctor Ali Khosravi the Director of international office and a high level delegation from FHM German university; consist of Prof. Dr. Richard Merk, CEO of FHM, Prof. Dr. Volker Wittbreg, Vice-President at FHM and Prof. Dr. Hamid Doost Mohamadian, Director for International Management, Iran Representative, Consultant of President and Head of F-GISI have held on in this universities.

For this matter, while negotiating direction to extend the communications and Joint co-operation, a contract been signed by both sides.In this contract, establishing partnership for making skill training courses and issuance of common certificate, holding  PHD scheme split periods ,student exchange, short term hospitality of foreign students, holding courses in  interesting common fields in Masters and PHDs field, exchange of science Committee, following up and monitoring the research and practical projects, performing scientific and practical projects , publishing the conclusions and reports that has been done commonly, holding joint Conferences , seminars, workshops in short term periods, cooperation in research + Erasmus plan in Europe, making and upgrading professional websites, observing international examinations, consulting services and management, educational services plan, holding joint courses such as DBA,MBA and DBA post has been agreed.